e*star stands for the full range of energy trading. We offer far reaching Software as a Service solutions to answer the individual needs of your company. e*star enables you and your companies to trade directly with all market participants and increase reach and liquidity - for your trading success.


The redefinition of overview.

Ease of use, good overview, advanced features: Together with traders, consultants and the UX/UI team from e*star, we've thought about how we could meet these requirements in the best possible way. The result is an intuitive trading frontend. But enough of the script, come and look at it yourself.

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Market Matrix
Consolidated order book showing associated market depth based on data received from multiple markets
Implied Prices
Venue implied prices with exchange or broker-guaranteed execution
Your trades list can be configured to your needs by sorting and filtering using any field.
Order Entry
The default parameters for the order entry dialog can be changed at the corporate and at the individual trader levels.
All charting tools available to create reliable and secure data visualizations
Electronic Eye
Identifies arbitrage situations with immediate execution possible.
Market News and messages from exchanges

Trading is up to you:

You have your own way of doing business? Perfect: Let’s have a look what our software can do for you.

Welcome to the e*star universe: Our energy trading solutions.

You have individual requests? We will be happy to answer them: with versatile modules we customize our SaaS Solutions to the needs of your energy business.


e*star Web Trader The e*star client platform is a user-friendly web trading frontend for easy B2B trading and integrates seamlessly into an existing web platform. It offers your customers a web screen for live trading with you. The risk controlling within the Internal Market allows you to set product, tenor and financial limits for your customers.


e*star Algorithmic Trading Solutions Our solution supports the Integration for market-access and non-market-access users and different algorithms while allowing various programming languages (Java, C#, Python etc) and connection technologies. It includes in addition execution algorithms to perform market specific actions as well as general business strategies.


e*star Market Place The e*star Market Place is your own highly configurable electronic market place. The e*star Energy Trader (eet) trading client or alternatively the e*star Web Trader (ewt) are the user frontends of the e*star Internal Market.


e*star Market Adapter The e*star Market Adapter is a server component which connects via read-only to different markets and receives forward and store data from all connected markets. The received data is own and all trades, own orders, continuous order book feed, order book snapshots or tick data.


e*star Energy Trader The e*star Energy Trader is a technologically advanced multi-asset screen tailor-made for Commodity Trading, Internal Trading, and Sales Trading to trade on various external markets in parallel. It includes all the necessary tools required to conduct fundamental and technical analysis. In addition, the e*star energy trader has distinct features that accommodate all kinds of smart order types algorithmic trading solutions, making it cutting-edge for traders.


e*star Live Data Portal The e*star Live Data Portal platform for energy market developments offers a central point for market information. Flexible and fast integration of the solution throughout a web client.


Advantage as a service

Make our service your benefit: e*star ensures greater efficiency and sustainable impact in the energy business. Discover mature solutions to overcoming the pain points of the trading business.

  • Flexibility as a service

    Versatile Elements. One Aim: An individual answer to the different needs of energy traders.

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  • Customization as a service

    SaaS as individual as your company. Benefit from advantages that are made just for you.

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  • Talent as a service

    Let’s unleash your potential together. Our employees understand the needs of energy traders from their own experience.

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  • Discover how Uniper uses our energy trading cloud solution.

    Our customer, the international energy company Uniper SE, was faced with exactly the challenges of operating and maintaining their IT infrastructure in their own data centres. Due to the necessary change of its own data centre, the internal IT trading systems either had to be migrated to a new data centre or converted into software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions.

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Trading is up to you:

You have your own way of doing business? Perfect: Let’s have a look what our software can do for you.

A few figures for our number driven business.

Behind our performance promise is a special story. At e*star we know the needs and questions of energy traders very well. Under the roof of Exxeta we analyzed, discussed and solved them for 20 years.

  • 5 Locations

    e*star is located in Frankfurt, Bratislava, Karlsruhe, Leipzig and London—if required also on-site at our customers’ premises.

  • 60+ Colleagues

    Five Locations. Many Languages. One Team. We are so happy to work together without borders.

  • 20+


    Brand new but experienced for more than 20 years—thanks to our partner company Exxeta.

  • 500+ Users

    Satisfied customers are the greatest to us: more than 500 users trust our solution. Trend: increasing.

How do you want to trade?

Contact us and learn about the scalability of our SaaS technology. We are looking forward to your challenge.