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Unleashing the Power of Market Data Feeds

Looking for an advanced application that offers thorough and real-time market coverage, with a special focus on energy commodities?

You just found it: The e*star Live Data Portal offers seamless connectivity to all important venues and provides users with access to exchange and broker market data feeds - allowing you to stay up-to-date with the latest market developments.


Key Features

Real-time market coverage with a focus on energy commodities.
Access to various exchange and broker market data feeds.
Available connections: Marex, TFS, BGC, GFI, ICAP, Griffin, 42FS, Prebon, EEX, EPEX, ICE, CME.
Higher competitiveness thanks to real-time data and full market depth
Quick and easy overview of market developments through integrated charting functionalities.
Flexible and fast integration of the solution in your company.
Access to the whole curvefrom spot to long-term contractsincluding implied prices and spreads.
User-friendly web front-end.
Flexible Pricing based on the number of users and connections. 

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The e*star Live Data Portal gives fast and easy access to relevant market data and enables informed decision-making quickly and with confidence.

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