Empowering Traders

You have individual requests? We will be happy to answer them: with versatile modules we customize our SaaS Solutions to the needs of your energy business.

Flexibility as a service

Versatile Elements. One Aim: An individual answer to the different needs of energy traders. Our modules have been used for years by companies with very different requirements. Mature software solutions that can be combined as needed.

e*star Multi Market Trading

The multi-market trading application consolidates various native exchanges and broker frontends into a unified application and enhances them with cross-market and cross-exchange trading functions.

e*star Sales Trading

A sales trading platform for commodity trading. Provide quotes to your customers and decide to bring them to market or take them internally. Adjust prices, risk limits and customer relations as you need.

e*star Structured Market Access

Use an internal trading platform to structure your market access. Bring Asset Optimizers, Portfolio Manager and Algos together and align their way to the market. Choose specific teams or desks to reduce costs, manage exposure and channel all requests through designated teams.

e*star Algorithmic Trading Solutions

Use algorithms on the various markets to support your traders with better tools for their daily business (assisted trading), automate regular tasks (automated trading) or develop your own strategic algos (algorithmic trading).

e*star Market Data

Support your trading activities with capturing all necessary data for analysis, audits, regulation and reporting. Get all the data either aggregated or as data ticks.

e*star Sales Trading View

Integrate the web-based trading client into your existing customer portals without your customers needing extra installations. Provide your customers your branded view.

Trading unlocked

Complex trading processes automated, simple and efficient. We support you in developing your own algotrading strategies and offer front office and sales trading from a single source.


Customization as a service

SaaS as individual as your company. Benefit from advantages that are made just for you.

Trading Environment.

Safe and reliable trading on different exchanges simultaneously - in an optimised individual frontend. Embedded functions such as trade automation, market making, quotation or implied prices ensure easy access.The solution integrates easily into any existing system landscape.

Smart Trade Automation and Algorithmic Trading.

Customised automation: with e*star own algorithms can be developed and easily integrated into the internal market. Stay ahead of the competition with our algo trading capabilities. e*star enables definition of implied prices, the use of hidden Iceberg and hidden orders. Multi-market targeting ensures the best prices.

Unlimited trading:

Set up internal market access for clients or operate market making thanks to our quotation function - both externally and internally. Clients can trade with each other and with their own company. e*star offers all the tools for this - from a fully-fledged trading frontend for own traders to a streamlined web client frontend for clients.

Streamlining the Market Access.

With geographically distributed trading landscapes and multiple trading venues, it is easy to lose the overview. e*star provides structure: organise trading activities via the internal market or act as a central unit on external markets. We help to increase the degree of trading automation and to structure established trading processes in line with the times.


Talent as a service

Let’s unleash your potential together. Our employees know the needs of energy traders from their own experience. They are driven by perfect implementation in existing ecosystems. This may make them a bit nerdy, but at the same time they are really there for your concerns on a very personal level.

We do not believe in „hit and run“ but in „hit and fit“. Together with you we set up a target-oriented process.
  • Immediate project launch
  • Adapting customer requirements at short notice
  • Licenses and products are adjusted on demand
  • Hardware resources adjusted to requirements, whenever they change
  • Not necessary to integrate components in own IT Infrastructure and Support
  • Monitoring, backups and availability reporting of all components

Trading unlocked

e*star offers cutting edge solutions for traders and supports businesses to tackle major challenges. The company’s technology is scalable to all requirements and automates complex trading processes - for profitable energy trading.

To put it briefly:
Our technology is your advantage.
Structured trading

Use our internal market and benefit from synergy potentials

Trading in the cloud

Trade anytime and anywhere - with our cloud trading solutions

Sophisticated frontend

Efficiency through a powerful multi-market and multi-commodity trading environment: one login, one frontend - multiple trading venues

Smart algorithm landscapes

Pursue individual trading strategies with the help of our algo trading interface

Synthetic order types

Benefit from advanced order types such as hidden iceberg or synthetic orders

What can we do
for you?

Write us and learn about the scalability of our SaaS technology. We are looking forward to your challenge.
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