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Navigating Complexity in Energy Markets

Essen, Germany, 20-22 February 2024


We at e*star are thrilled to announce our participation from February 20 to 22, 2024. This year, we're bringing a host of exciting topics to the table, aimed at addressing the evolving landscape of energy trading. From market venues to real-time price discovery, algo trading, and strategic partnerships, we've got it all covered. But before we dive into the details, let's explore a concept that's often misunderstood yet critically important in our industry: the difference between complexity and complication.




In a world where the terms 'complex' and 'complicated' are frequently used interchangeably, it's crucial to understand their distinct meanings. Complicated systems, like many machines, are predictable and operate based on known relationships. Complexity, on the other hand, involves unpredictable outcomes and is an inherent part of life itself.

In the realm of energy trading, this distinction is more than just semantic. It's about understanding the nature of the markets we operate in and the tools we use. While trading algorithms and platforms may appear complicated, they are designed to navigate the complexity of real-world markets, where outcomes are anything but certain.



e*star Energy Trader Markets and Venues
Discover how e*star's platform allows companies to trade directly with all market participants, enhancing reach and liquidity crucial for trading success.

Price Discovery
Learn how e*star serves as a data vendor, providing real-time price information that empowers traders to make informed decisions.

Algo Trading Integration
Explore how integrating algorithmic trading into your trading desk can optimize your strategies and improve efficiency.

Partnerships and News
Stay tuned for exciting announcements on new venues and strategic partnerships that will expand our ecosystem and offer more opportunities for traders.

Security and Certainty in an Uncertain World
In an industry where the only constant is change, the quest for security and certainty is ever-present. However, as we've discussed, life is full of uncertainties. At e*star, we believe in equipping our clients with the tools and insights to navigate this complex landscape with confidence.


Join us at Europe's leading trade fair for the energy industry to explore these topics and more. Let's embrace the complexity of the energy markets together and find ways to turn challenges into opportunities. More information about e*star can be found on our website or book a meeting at or booth with us. Or even better: stop by our booth 2B101 at Hall 2 at E-world 2024 in Essen.

We are looking forward to meeting you.




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